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Couldn’t Believe It

Byline: Gloria Hevener

[Editor’s note: The NFOSD would like to thank Gloria for sharing her story. We have posted a few questions for our readers to consider at the bottom this article. We welcome your thoughtful comments and reserve the right to moderate them as needed.]

My name is Gloria Hevener.  I am 76 years old with two daughters, a son, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.  My last job was a Program Manager in Network Operations at Sprint.  I loved my work and luckily, as a result of my job at Sprint, I am very technology savvy and can use my computer and iPad to my advantage.  My husband and I did lots of traveling during our first years of retirement – nearly around the world.

In October, 2013, my daughters told me I was slurring my words.  I didn’t notice it at all.  However during 2013 I had problems with my sinuses and I cleared my throat all the time.  My doctor said to take Zyrtec (Allertec) and gave me nasal sprays.  This medicine did not help but I continued taking it hoping at some point these problems would go away. When I saw an ENT, he didn’t offer much to help me. He diagnosed me with a form of GERD and put me on an appropriate diet.  After numerous visits to the hospital for various symptoms I took almost every test imaginable and all came back normal: stroke, heart, brain, etc.  After three months and no answers both my internist and ENT referred me to a neurologist.  I made an appointment with a neurologist at a local hospital and he checked my reflexes which he said were overactive.  He wanted to see me in three months.

In the meantime I got tired of waiting for a diagnosis. My children suggested I go to the Kansas University Neuro Muscular Clinic for further evaluation in April, 2014.  They performed an EMG and diagnosed me with both lower and upper neuron disease; hence, Bulbar Onset ALS.   For a second opinion I went to Massachusetts General in Boston.  They didn’t dispute it.  I couldn’t believe it at my old age of 76.  I thought this disease affected younger people, not an old person like me.

It is now July, 2014 and I have trouble swallowing and can hardly speak.  I use an iPad to speak with an application called Speakit.  I have difficulty swallowing breads, thin liquids, dairy products, and foods of varying texture. Breads become doughy and I have difficulty coordinating my tongue to move the bread to swallow. Thin liquids and dairy products make me choke because of excess mucus. I can get along with foods with the same texture, but mixing textures like soup with vegetables in it causes me difficulty. I use unsweetened applesauce to swallow my pills.  I find myself constantly clearing my throat and I know it must bother others as much as it bothers me.  I believe I will soon need a peg tube to make sure I get enough water and liquids because swallowing is so difficult.  My doctor has prescribed Riluzole (twice daily) and Nuedexta (twice daily).  I am getting more feeble and shaky by the day but can still walk.  I use a walker sometimes to stabilize me.  I don’t know where this disease will take me but I’m a fighter and will continue to fight.  I am looking into a couple of clinical trials that I hope will accept bulbar and older patients.

I must praise the ALS organization for all their help and information given to me.  They are wonderful advocates for ALS patients.


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