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Contest Rules

The 2018 #IDDSIchallenge! 

Rules and Regulations

Be creative, be respectful to those who require modified diets, and have fun!

  1. Entries can be submitted by anyone: an individual, a corporation, a restaurant, a group of friends, a healthcare organization, a family!
  2. Multiple entries are allowed.
  3. Entries must be original. You cannot share a video that you did not create.
  4. Entries may be no longer than 60 seconds.
  5. In order for IDDSI and the NFOSD to view entries, you must assure your privacy settings for the post is set to “Public.”
  6. In order for IDDSI and the NFOSD to view entries, you must include #IDDSIchallenge and tag @NFOSD.
  7. Entries must be submitted by June 15th, at midnight GMT.
  8. By submitting a video, you are confirming that anyone pictured in the video has provided their consent for this to be shared publicly.
  9. By submitting a video, you allow the NFOSD and IDDSI to share and reuse this on their websites, social media platforms, and with their mailing list.
  10. If an entry is selected into the top 5 creations, the creator will be asked to share the video file with the NFOSD via email. Participants will be contacted through Facebook if they are in the top five.
  11. We will ask any inappropriate videos to be removed and reserve the right to not share these with our community.
  12. Any disrespectful or inappropriate comments on videos submitted will be deleted.
  13. Winners will be announced on the NFOSD and IDDSI social media platforms.

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