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Company Description: Columbia Scientific has provided high-quality neurorehabilitation and dysphagia treatment products since 2003. We offer products to be used with VitalStim Therapy/NMES for dysphagia management and other products listed below.

  • Columbia Scientific has provided its own branded dysphagia products since 2008. All dysphagia products are FDA cleared and manufactured to Columbia’s specifications. 
  • Columbia Scientific has over 4000 facilities and therapists that use Columbia Scientific branded dysphagia electrodes
  • The Columbia Scientific dysphagia electrode offering is the most complete array of FDA cleared dysphagia electrodes available to therapists with seven different electrode styles. There is something for every therapist’s needs and patient requirements.
  • New rehab products The Breather® and a brand new sEMG biofeedback device for training effortful swallow expand the options for treatment for speech therapists and other clinicians as well as patients working on their own.
  • Research on NMES and The Breather® as well as dysphagia resources on our website provides therapists and patients with valuable information 
  • We provide a service for finding a therapist that offers NMES for dysphagia. 

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