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“Chewing Can Be Tricky” Dysphagia Coloring Book

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Pediatric swallowing specialist, Donna Edwards, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, and ASHA Fellow, has created an outstanding resource for children, parents, and professionals to learn about safe eating and to reduce the likelihood of choking. This coloring book includes a long list of fun activities that parents and professionals can use to teach children about safe and healthy eating.

*All information regarding the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative is provisional. For updates and more information, please visit:

The coloring book for young children is now available in five languages! Select your language below:


A new coloring book for school-age children is now available!



6 Comments On ““Chewing Can Be Tricky” Dysphagia Coloring Book

  1. lachelle Reply

    Hello Donna, I am Lachelle from Australia, my 2.7 year old son may have cricopharyngeal Achalasia he continues to have tests, procedures etc, to finalise if it is, i noticed from breastfeeding and after a traumatic birth his swallowing wasn’t right, i came across your colouring pages by exploring the net, i wanted to thank you because what i read is the most helpful factual info i have read, i am finding it so hard to find a dr or speech pathologist who can help with guidance, support, what to do next, whats happening, why does he do this etc etc, i just wanted to thank you for a resource that i can show my son and talk to him.

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  3. Sandra K Krichbaum Reply

    I wish there was an adult booklet to use with swallowing problems as good as this is for children. Please develop one for us.

    1. Donna Reply

      Sure I could do that. Any particular diagnosis, work setting or age group?

  4. Patti Reply

    Hi Donna…

    I would like to see a book like that for the elderly. Having been in ER too many times with
    endoscopies to remove food, I know is not uncommon.event.
    Especially on the holidays. When there are no GI’s ro do an endoscopy.
    Am doing far better than a few years ago and found a GI who gave me his cell phone number.
    SoI can call him whenever an attack is imminent,
    One can die if the esophagus bursts open.
    And in ER, people try all sorts of things. When in my case, I even gave photos
    Of my esophagus. Jammed with foods.
    I know when it’s Endoscopy time….ER!s play games with my life.

    1. Donna Edwards Reply

      Hi Patti,

      I would love to chat with you to help me create the best education possible to meet this need. Feel free to contact me at
      I am so glad you have a GI so aware of your need and willing to help so readily.

      Please do send me an email.


      Donna Edwards

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