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Learning How to Live a Positive, Healthy Life with Dysphagia

Meet Caterine Kamber. Caterine’s daughter, Aurelie Micah-Pearl, has been on a pureed food diet her whole life after being on a nasal feeding tube for her first year of life. Having Down syndrome and being a very sensitive being, Caterine has looked at the very best foods to support her health. Aurelie is now 16 and thrives with good health and vibrant energy. Caterine and her family believe in organic, nutritious, gluten free, clean food. Years of research on how to utilize nutrition for optimum health have lead them to the creation of a convenient, pre-packaged organic pureed meal that has given us peace of mind, social freedom and great health.

Aurelie was featured in the 2021 Dysphagia Awareness Month “Share Your Story” Campaign

Caterine’s passion for supporting her daughter’s health and nutrition led her to develop Ceres – Sunny Puree, a whole meal pureed food, all organic, gluten free, paleo-friendly and vegan. The purees are ready to eat in just minutes, simply by adding hot or cold water. Visit Caterine’s website to learn more:

Below are some videos that Caterine has created to share with the NFOSD community on how she is supporting her daughter and how she works to help others:

How To Live a Positive, Healthy Life with Dysphagia

Learn about Caterine’s Breakfast Recipe!