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NUTRAPHAGIA: Dignity and Joy through Food

[Note from the editor: Nutraphagia is an NFOSD Sponsor of National Dysphagia Awareness Month.  All Corporate Sponsors and Partners are supporters of dysphagia awareness, education, and innovation, and their participation is not an endorsement by the NFOSD or its members.]

Written by Tia Bagan, MS, CCC-SLP

I still remember the purple lilies she brought with her. “Thank you so much for helping me learn to eat again,” the woman said, handing the bouquet to her speech pathologist, Paulette Wood, MS, CCC-SLP. I was 17 and Paulette, a family friend, had invited me to shadow her at the hospital. continue reading →

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Faces of Dysphagia 2018

Meet our 2018 Faces of Dysphagia

June is recognized as National Dysphagia Awareness Month. The following photos show our brave volunteers: patients, families, and caregivers who don’t let dysphagia hold them back.

Thank you to our volunteers and generous donors who sponsored our social media campaign to help raise funds for dysphagia advocacy, support, education, and research!

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Report from Old Greenwich

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“Traveling Space Available” II

Mackenbach, Germany

December 3, 2016 at 0900 hours

Many years ago, I wrote an article for a travel magazine called “You and Europe” in a city not far from here. The article, which dealt with hitchhiking rides on military aircraft throughout what we used to call the “European Theater” was titled “Traveling Space Available.”

Now, years later, and traveling with a gastric tube feeding apparatus on board and a supply of formula, I find those words take on a very different meaning. Will there be space available on the airplane for my supply of formula? Is there “space available” in the cabin for the occasional and necessary feedings? Can I replenish my supply of formula while traveling here in the USA and abroad? Will I join my wife or others for meals out in cafes or restaurants? Is it all worthwhile? continue reading →

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Essential History: From My Mom, To the World

By Diane Wolff

I am an author who gave up the writing life in the big city to return to the family and take care of my mother. The late, great Cathie G was one of a kind: energetic, spunky and independent. She had a great sense of humor and she ruled her children with an iron hand. She was a great mom for me and when she asked me to take care of her, I could not refuse. continue reading →