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Pureed Nutrition Therapy Breakdown

soupThis diet is designed for people who have moderate to severe dysphagia, with poor oral phase abilities and reduced ability to protect their airway. Close or complete supervision and alternate feeding methods may be required.

This diet consists of pureed, homogenous, and cohesive foods. Food should be “pudding-like.” No coarse textures, raw fruits or vegetables, nuts, and so forth are allowed. Any food that require bolus formation, controlled manipulation, or mastication are excluded.

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Download Sample Puree Diet Menu PDF

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Pureed Diet Tips

pureeYou have been diagnosed with a severe chewing and/or swallowing problem by the healthcare professionals treating you. You will need to puree your foods until your physician and other healthcare professionals feel comfortable advancing the texture of your diet. Be sure that any pureed foods prepared in advance are the consistency of pudding or moist mashed potatoes and are smooth and free of lumps.

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