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Food is Love

Meet Cynthia Vaughn, Chef de Partie and trainer at Seniority, Inc. She is a true food artist and does a great job finding champions to prepare pureed meals at the highest quality possible for those who require modified meals to safely consume their nutrition.  continue reading →

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Innovations in Dysphagia Nutrition: Xanthan Gum for Quality of Life

Dinner out with friends was once a relaxing experience. Holiday meals meant enjoying familiar comfort foods of years past. A glass of wine was an evening treat.

For millions of people, the enjoyment of eating and drinking can change overnight.

This is the reality that those living with dysphagia face. Simple foods and beverages they once enjoyed have become risks for aspiration and hospitalization—and sometimes even death. Lost is the social aspect of the meal; lost are favorite foods and drinks; lost is the lunch “break”…as eating becomes a chore. continue reading →

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Easy Pureed Meals

[Editor’s Note: Gourmet Pureed is a supporting partner of the NFOSD.]


If you’ve been told that you have to change the way you eat and now eat only a puréed diet, where do you go for convenient, healthful prepared meals?

If you are like most Americans you purchase the majority of your food in a grocery store but if you are home-bound or recovering from a medical crisis, where do you turn?

Fortunately, there are online suppliers like Gourmet Puréed.

Gourmet Puréed delivers fresh-cooked, nutritious, ready-made refrigerated puréed meals right to your door. Each meal has a main dish, vegetable and fruit or snack.

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Preparing Modified Meals

Laura Michael, NFOSD Board Member and owner of Dysphagia Solutions, has prepared a wonderful, informational video series titled, “Making Every Bite Count,” which demonstrates how to prepare modified meals.

Perfectly Safe Popsicles & Frozen Treats

Video Update: Please note that although starch-based thickeners cannot be frozen, all xanthan gum-based  thickeners can be used to thicken liquids. Some companies, including Thick-It®, produce both starch-based and xanthan-based thickeners.


Equipment Review

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#D4DA Cookbook

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.22.49 AMThe University of Wisconsin-Madison speech-language pathology students hosted a “Dining for Dysphagia Awareness” community potluck in December 2014. Guests were asked to prepare a dish that met the criteria for a “Level 1: Dysphagia Pureed” or a “Level 2: Dysphagia Mechanically Altered.” The UW-Madison National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association (NSSHLA) collected the recipes and created an event cookbook.

Click here for the recipes: #D4DA Cookbook