Virtual Adult Support Group

The NFOSD Adult Virtual Swallowing Support Group will meet on the second Friday of each month at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern) for 1 hour.

This support group is not replacement for standard medical or psychological advice and care, but a support group can be an additional valuable resource to help you make connections with others facing similar challenges.

Please note: The NFOSD virtual support group meetings are for persons impacted by swallowing disorders (patients, caregivers) and not for speech-language pathologists.

Before registering, please be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Must be an adult (18+ years old) directly impacted by a swallowing disorder.
  • Must reside in the United States
  • Must have access to a device with video/audio capabilities
  • Must be available to meet for the entirety of the 60-minute meeting.

Questions? Email us at

You may register for the meeting(s) by completing the form below:

Adult Virtual Support Group Registration

  • In case of emergency during the virtual support group meeting, we request that you provide emergency contact information.