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What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is a medical condition that causes a person to have problems swallowing. Weak muscles in the mouth and throat areas can cause the problem. A restricted amount of saliva production, problems with the brain affecting the body’s nervous system, or damage in a person’s esophagus can also cause dysphagia.

Those most commonly affected by dysphagia are the elderly, those who have had a stroke, individuals with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, and people with Alzheimer’s disease. Those who suffer from nervous system disorders or head, neck, and spinal cord injuries are also more prone to dysphagia. In addition, individuals who have had internal burns from poisoning or radiotherapy, as well as people who have an infection or other problems in the mouth or throat area, are more likely to develop dysphagia. (www.wisegeek.com)