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Understanding Dysphagia


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.03.17 PMWe’re always on the lookout for outstanding educational material on the subject of swallowing disorders. We found this seven minute video on YouTube.

It is sponsored by Nestle Nutrition and describes the following: what is dysphagia, signs and symptoms, physical and psychological affects on the patient (and to some extent one’s family/friends), the anatomy of swallowing, and finally nutrition and hydration management. Theirs is a lot out there on YouTube, but this video packed in great content in a short clip.

Understanding Dysphagia Video Clip

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Thoughts of Water

Check out this little bonus video Steve Rosenfield and Tyler Brown put together for The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders! You’ll gain an appreciation for something as simple as drinking water from Sonia Blue’s incredibly eloquent and powerful words; a must-hear for everyone. Andy Othling of Lowercase Noises provided the stellar soundtrack. Thank you for watching and please repost, you never know who you might be helping.

Download The Full Text

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Swallow: A Documentary