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Persons with Parkinson’s Disease and Dysphagia


By: Mary Spremulli, CCC-SLP. Ms. Spremulli is the owner of Voice Aerobics, LLC, a Speech-Language Pathology Private Practice, located in SW Florida. She holds a speech-language pathology license in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, and a nursing license in Florida. She is a faculty member of Parkinson Place in Sarasota, FL, and a member of the Education Committee of the World Parkinson Program. Ms. Spremulli has been a Clinical Consultant with Passy-Muir, Inc. for over 20 years providing education to professionals and patients, and she has published articles on the topic of patient education. Since 2013, Ms. Spremulli has hosted a monthly podcast, focusing on topics related to living well with Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.

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ESSD World Swallowing Day Survey

World Swallowing Day was started on December 12, 2011 as a global awareness campaign geared towards both healthcare professionals and the public in order to spread the knowledge about normal swallowing and swallowing disorders, their causes, assessment, complications, and management.


If you are a healthcare professional who screens or assesses patients for dysphagia, we encourage you to take part in this worldwide event by completing a short 9-question survey created by the European Society for Swallowing Disorders.


Here is a link to the survey:



Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.02.16 PM

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Small Bytes


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Video Game Helps Woman With Dysphagia

A young woman who suffers from dysphagia following a traumatic brain injury, which left her intubated and in a coma for 5 months, regains swallowing function with the help of an innovative video game called Synchrony.

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10 minute anonymous survey specific to the use of technology and healthcare.


  To volunteer for this study, please go directly to:


For more information about this study, please contact:

Sharon Beaumont-Bowman

Speech Communication Arts & Sciences



Brooklyn College, IRB#:2015-0743