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Swallowing versus Feeding Disorders in Children

The NFOSD team is constantly on the lookout for useful news articles. North Shore Pediatric Therapy posted a website article on Swallowing Disorders vs. Feeding Disorders in Children on October 16, 2012. The article was written by Gretchen Olson, SLP.

We field questions almost weekly from mothers who have young children with Dysphagia. We recognize a pattern of similar characteristics from these frequent contacts. The young child has generally been seen by multiple doctors or therapists over a period of a few years and there is no definitive diagnosis, physical abnormality, or known “reason” why the child is unable to successfully eat. In addition, the amount of time and energy exerted by the mother is draining to the point of near hopelessness.

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Support Group Success

Our last Swallowing Support Group was a great success. We want to thank everyone who participated for their support.


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iSwallow APP

There’s an APP for that!

iSwallow™ is a personal rehabilitation assistant (PRA) for use on the iPhone, IPod Touch, or Ipad. It was designed to be used under the supervision of a qualified swallowing clinician. The device allows the clinician to choose from a menu of swallowing exercise and establish a personalized therapy program for an individual patient. Once the device is programmed by a clinician, it can be carried by the patient to alert them when it is time to perform their prescribed exercise.

More information on iSwallow can be found at the UC Davis Center for Voice and Swallowing web site.