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Meet May Roberta Roméy – She has Dysphagia

[Editor’s note: I had the opportunity to interview this wonderful woman recently. She also traveled from the NYC area to join NFOSD at our meeting with NIH (pictured at left) in mid-May 2013. Here is her story, as told beautifully in her own words. We thank May for the courage to share her story.]

Tell me a bit about yourself before your stoke?

I assisted students who were preparing to enter college, helping them select their Major and emphasizing the importance of starting and finishing school.  I was known as having impeccable enunciation and pronunciation.  I wrote, directed and performed in radio skits for a NY Radio Station and at one time was scheduled to be a TV spokesperson.  My written communication skills including: grammar, spelling and punctuation were excellent.  At one time I freelanced as a Publicist/Marketing Specialist for community theatre, small business and celebrities.  I was published in an anthology and wrote for a couple of magazines, once upon a lifetime ago.

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