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“Chewing Can Be Tricky” Dysphagia Coloring Book

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Pediatric swallowing specialist, Donna Edwards, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, and ASHA Fellow, has created an outstanding resource for children, parents, and professionals to learn about safe eating and to reduce the likelihood of choking. This coloring book includes a long list of fun activities that parents and professionals can use to teach children about safe and healthy eating.

*All information regarding the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative is provisional. For updates and more information, please visit:

The coloring book for young children is now available in three languages! Select your language below:


A new coloring book for school-age children is now available!


4 Comments On ““Chewing Can Be Tricky” Dysphagia Coloring Book

  1. lachelle Reply

    Hello Donna, I am Lachelle from Australia, my 2.7 year old son may have cricopharyngeal Achalasia he continues to have tests, procedures etc, to finalise if it is, i noticed from breastfeeding and after a traumatic birth his swallowing wasn’t right, i came across your colouring pages by exploring the net, i wanted to thank you because what i read is the most helpful factual info i have read, i am finding it so hard to find a dr or speech pathologist who can help with guidance, support, what to do next, whats happening, why does he do this etc etc, i just wanted to thank you for a resource that i can show my son and talk to him.

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  3. Sandra K Krichbaum Reply

    I wish there was an adult booklet to use with swallowing problems as good as this is for children. Please develop one for us.

    1. Donna Reply

      Sure I could do that. Any particular diagnosis, work setting or age group?

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